Establishment In Shock Over Luther Strange Loss

He had everything. Incumbency. The backing of the President and Vice President of the United States. Support from the party, the Senate Leadership Fund, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. And most importantly he had a $30 million war chest.
Big Luther Strange. All 6’9” of him came crashing down last night, losing by 10 points to Judge Roy Moore and the populist/conservative insurgency. In fact, Senator Strange only won four counties. It was a blowout.
The Establishment is shell-shocked at the humiliating loss. “It’s like a funeral up here on Capitol Hill,” said one senior congressional aide.
And now here come the excuses. Austin Barbour, nephew of Haley Barbour, who was likely supporting Strange, had a ready excuse this morning: “The cement had been poured on Luther Strange because of the former governor. That was probably the biggest issue in this race for months — that voters in Alabama were so upset with Robert Bentley. And anybody that they associated with Robert Bentley, they didn’t want anything to do with.”
Robert Bentley, now the former governor, was caught up in a sex scandal and had to resign earlier this year, soon after appointing Strange to Jeff Sessions old seat. He is now facing criminal charges for some of his illicit actions. But it’s funny how that didn’t come up BEFORE the votes were cast.
President Trump is reportedly very angry about the loss. Apparently his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka, told him to endorse “Big Luther.” Trump should have known better. This is the third really bad piece of advice Jared has given his paw-in-law!
As for Mitch, his day was horrid: He had to pull the latest GOP healthcare bill, Senator Corker announced he was retiring rather than seek another term next year, and Strange was trounced last night.
As we begin the 2018 election

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