Is Swamp Creature Mark Keenum Mississippi’s Next U.S. Senator?

Mark Keenum, long-time pro-amnesty political operative Mississippi State’s President, is atop the list of potential replacements for ailing U.S. Senator Thad Cochran, according to sources close to MSU.
The Mississippi State Presidential search committee, in charge of selecting the university’s presidents and provosts, has reportedly been in discussions about who the next president will be when Mark Keenum is appointed to replace Thad Cochran.
Political power couple Rhonda and Mark Keenum, who’ve reportedly had their eyes on the aging Cochran’s Senate seat for years, see Cochran’s recent illness as their opportunity to be the establishment’s handpicked heirs to the Cochran throne.
The furor over Thad Cochran’s replacement comes as the octogenarian senator’s health has rapidly taken a turn for the worse, causing fear among the monied in Jackson and D.C. that Thad may be on the last leg of his ability to serve as United States Senator for Mississippi.
The news has gob smacked Mississippi’s country clubbers, who are desperate for a replacement for the increasingly absent Cochran, and comes on the heels of Steve Bannon’s declaration of war on Roger Wicker and the rest of the Republican establishment, save Senator Ted Cruz.
Thad Cochran is reportedly in such bad condition that he is being hidden from his own staff. After returning to Mississippi to be cared for by a team of doctors, Cochran has missed close to a month of work. Although he was supposed returned to DC this week,  his office issued a press release stating Thad would remain in Mississippi. As Erick Erickson pointed out, Cochran’s wife is communicating on his behalf, raising the question “Why can’t he speak for himself?”
All of the circumstances of Thad’s disappearance are strange, but perhaps most bizarre is that Thad spent close to a month in Mississippi to be cared for by a team of doctors. That may

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