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It took me a long time to believe in case management software. Not the idea of it–I’ve liked the idea for 20 years. But in practice, it hasn’t worked for me until now.
I installed a case management software program when I opened my practice in 2002. I hardly used it. It just didn’t do much that helped me. This was in the pre-ECF and paperless days. I bought a different version a few years later. It died on the vine. I’ve looked into many other versions over the years and not gotten excited.
But this time it’s different. I tried Clio after attending the Miss. Bar’s Technology CLE in May. I love it. It’s a fantastic addition to my practice. And I’m still not using all its features.
The difference makers for modern case management software is that its cloud and subscription based without big up front adoption costs or long term contracts that try to lock you down.
Years ago case management software was on the server and you had to be in the office to use it. Today it’s wherever you have internet access and on your phone. Clio has a great app for i-phone and android that I use a lot.
Before Clio, I was a to-do list fanatic. But I was doing it by hand every week in OneNote. Clio has a great task system that makes it simple to create and modify tasks. It gives options for setting deadlines and tying tasks to specific matters.
Clio’s contacts feature works better than Outlook. My Outlook contacts became such a mess years ago that it was largely worthless. I keep my contacts organized better in Clio.
Clio also integrates with Outlook so that my Clio calendar is also maintained on my Outlook calendar. I use an $8 per month add-in called Click-to-file that

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