Joe Nosef Quits MS GOP in Disgrace

Embattled former Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef resigned “abruptly” yesterday, according to a paper on the coast, but Nosef’s resignation was not so abrupt — it had been coming for years.

Anyone who was vertical (or not riding on Thad’s campaign bus) in 2014 will remember that Joe Nosef famously, and in contraversion to MSGOP rules, cavorted around with social justice reporters on MSNBC in his effort to torpedo the Tea Party and Chris McDaniel’s challenge to the already-declining-in-mental-health Sen. Cochran.
And in the middle of the 2016 presidential primary, Nosef threatened to remove Donald Trump and Ted Cruz delegates from the state party’s convention using “a gun and a badge.”
With the 2018 election cycle looming and another endless series of opportunities for Nosef to put his foot in his mouth, it probably is wise for Joe to step aside and let the next party apparatchik take a stab at carrying water for the Barbour regime.
There is little doubt MS GOP poobahs wanted to rid themselves of their dirty little Nosef problem. He should be thankful they were kind enough to let him resign rather than be expelled.
Perhaps the honest life of billing hours back at Watkins & Eager will do Joe some good.


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