Next GOP Chairman Scrubs Tweets Over 2 & 1/2 Year Period

Career Swamp Creature Lucien Smith is reported to be on the short list to chair Mississippi’s Republican Party, according to a publication based in Jackson.
Lucien, a long-time Haley Barbour confidant and Chief of Staff to Governor Phil Bryant, has been rumored to be Nosef’s replacement for years as Nosef’s star has fallen in the midst of controversy, both public and personal. More on Nosef later.

But the burning question conservative and liberty loving Mississippians should ask themselves is this:
Why did Lucien Smith Delete Every. Single. Tweet from June 2013 and January 2016?

What’s he hiding?
Yes, it is possible Lucien never tweeted between June 25 2013 and Jan 20 2016.
But it’s not likely. The man has spent vast swaths of time using Twitter and other media to curate his public persona, from extensive online CVs, to drafting glowing press announcements for each of his stops along the Yazoo-Jackson Gravy Train.
And Lucien is ambitious. He ran for state treasurer in 2011 when he was barely 30 years old.
The obvious likelihood is that Lucien Smith has entirely scrubbed his account of anything he tweeted in support of that Cochran during the 2014 Cochran McDaniel election.

There is little doubt Lucien Smith also deleted any tweet sounding remotely anti-Trump or Cruz as well, or, alternatively, in support of any of the other Kasich/Jeb MS GOP presidential picks du jour.
There is only this tidbit of a tweet (still not deleted as of press time) in which Lucien implies he shares anti-Trump sentiment possessed of so many in MS GOP leadership:
Since he doesn’t want us to see his tweets, let’s briefly review

Lucien Smith’s Swampy Resume

Foreign Lobbyist Haley Barbour’s lead in-house counsel
Oversaw Crony Deal-Making Mississippi Development Authority
Gov. Phil Bryant’s former chief of staff
Advised Governor Barbour on state budget and fiscal issues.
Lobbyist at Balch & Bingham LLP
State Republican Executive Committee
Treasurer, Mississippi Republican

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