#WickerWatch: Roger and the 2014 Republican Runoff

Although he wasn’t heavily involved in the race, Roger Wicker energetically supported Thad Cochran in his race against Senator Chris McDaniel. And like his other Republican Senate colleagues, help was desperately needed after McDaniel won the primary on June 3 and was widening his lead as the days ticked by. So June 24th was vital.
In a speech in May, before the primary, Wicker told a small gathering of Republicans why he was supporting Ole Thad. As reported by Matthew Boyle of Breitbart:
Wicker said he is “enthusiastically supporting” Cochran because he is the “conservative” candidate in the race. Wicker touted Cochran’s NRA and National Right to Life Committee endorsements. … Wicker also touted Cochran’s seniority in the U.S. Senate and said he’d expect Cochran to be chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee again if he wins. Wicker said such a position would allow Cochran to ensure certain things important to Mississippi are funded, and things that would hurt Mississippi are not funded.
The whole race was turned in favor of Cochran, not because of his record but by the nasty race-baiting campaign, as well as the tons of “street money” dumped in certain neighborhoods near Election Day. After the race-baiting and “street money” campaign had done it’s work, and Cochran had “defeated” McDaniel, Wicker chastised conservative groups that spent money on Senator McDaniel’s behalf, decrying it as a waste, essentially, funds that could have been better used elsewhere.
But to be clear, Roger Wicker supported the Barbour/Cochran voter outreach effort during the runoff. Writes Michael Patrick Leahy:
In June 2014, after Barbour’s political machine orchestrated a number of last minute campaign tactics that many believe stole the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from Chris McDaniel and handed it to incumbent Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS), whose current absence from Washington due to continued health issues has now become another

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