ICYMI: Jackson School To Change Name From Jefferson Davis to Barack Obama

In the latest round of historical and cultural cleansing in Mississippi, an elementary school in Jackson – Davis International Baccalaureate Elementary School – is changing its name. Decades ago it was named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis, but now the school will now be named for former US President Barack Obama.
Since the school is 98 percent black, parents proposed the name change and it won a majority of votes cast by students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators.
Jackson city schools are 96 percent black, so look for similar changes to George Elementary (named for Zachariah George who signed Mississippi’s secession ordinance) and Lee Elementary (named for General Robert E. Lee). Those seem to be next on the target list.
Now the only question that remains is if the name changes will affect school performance. In 2016, the Jackson Public School System received a grade of “F” from the state.
But so far in cities where Confederate memorials have been removed, there’s been no significant changes in anything.
The name change comes on the heels of Biloxi public schools removing the classic book, To Kill A Mockingbird, from their curriculum because some of the words are offensive and hurtful to others.
But is such a policy wise? Or are we only setting up kids to be failures later in life?
The United States of the Offended marches on, as does the accompanying Soviet-style cultural cleansing.

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