Under Duress, Thad Cochran Announces 2020 Candidacy

Thad Cochran has announced his 2020 candidacy, according to CNN.
In what’s turned into a never ending soap opera involving elder abuse, animal abuse, the highest reaches of the Republican Party’s pay-to-play corporate influence peddling operation, global jet setting to 42 nations on 33 congressional trips, matrimony involving secretaries-turned-mistresses, and conflicting reports about the ailing Senator’s health, the poor man has been turned into little more than a political football by the greedy GOP brass intent on keeping their gravy train rolling.
And their poor treatment of Thad — and his resulting inability to handle his duties — has spilled out onto the pages of some of the nations most trafficked news outlets. As CNN reports, Cochran is clearly out of sorts.
Asked again if he thinks he can handle the job as head of the committee Cochran answered, “I think so. I’m a candidate for re-election.”
Thursday, the 79 year old said he plans on running in 2020 despite nagging health issues.
This move is certainly unexpected, given that his next re-elect won’t happen for nearly three years.
Thad Cochran, who stole the election from Chris McDaniel in 2014 with the help of Mitch McConnell, has been plagued with health issues since 2014. For almost a month Cochran was AWOL from his Senate duties.
The Barbours will be undoubtedly ensure their top pork producer will win in 2020, as he’s been lining their pockets for nearly four decades in Washington.
It’s sad to watch, as Thad deserves to spend his final years in Mississippi with family and friends, instead of working in D.C. for the Barbours’ pro-amnesty agenda.
Whether or not Thad runs again in 2020 is anyone’s guess, but it is our job to ensure that Thad and company remember that Mississippians haven’t forgotten his and Mitch McConnell’s despicable behavior in 2014.
We here at Mississippi Conservative Daily will be

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