Mississippi’s Worst Congressman: Bennie Thompson Refuses To Fire Convicted Staffer, Swipes At Trump Investment In His District

In a heavily Republican, and very conservative, state it’s easy to label the lone Democrat as the worst member of Congress but Congressman Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, can easily take that prize.
His Liberty Score with Conservative Review is but a 20 (which is only 4 points below Thad Cochran and just 10 below Roger Wicker). With the Heritage Foundation he rates a 14, while ACU scores him at 9.
Despite his votes straight down the liberal line, Thompson has been in the news lately with more evidence of corruption and playing politics.
His chief of staff, Issac Lanier Avant, was recently convicted of tax evasion yet Thompson refuses to fire him. He is still working in his DC office.
From The Daily Caller:
The chief of staff to Rep. Bennie Thompson spends his days in the halls of Congress and his weekends in jail for tax evasion, after the Mississippi Democrat violated his pledge to fire his wealthy chief if the aide was found guilty of stiffing the treasury of $150,000.
Issac Lanier Avant made $170,000 a year in Congressional pay, yet the court found he didn’t pay any tax returns for seven years. Prosecutors said he was dishonest throughout their investigation, and when he did file tax returns, he lied about donating $50,000 to a religious group and tried to take a “bizarre” tax write-off for rollerblading. Prosecutors asked for a one-year prison term, but Avant was sentenced in January 2017 to a month-long stint in jail followed by a year of weekends in jail.
Between 2008 and 2012, Avant didn’t have any federal income taxes withheld from his pay after, a U.S. Department of Justice release reads, “he caused a form to be filed with his employer that falsely claimed he was exempt from federal income taxes.”
When the charges first hit,

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