Why the Political “Experts” Are Wrong About Mississippi 2018

I often wonder why we give so-called political “experts” the time of day. Maybe in the distant past they had something relevant to offer but not now. Times have changed in the world of politics. The old rules, the old ways of doing things, the old thought processes are no longer in play. And if you don’t change to reflect the changing political times, you lose.
Take Alan Lange of Y’all Politics as an example. He’s been on the anti-Chris McDaniel bus since there was one. Even though his site once named Senator McDaniel as the TOP rising star in the Mississippi Republican Party, he’s made perpetual war on him since he dared challenge Lange’s benefactor, Thad Cochran.
In a recent article, Lange lists his reasons why McDaniel will lose to Roger Wicker in a hypothetical 2018 matchup:
“First, the anti-incumbency tide is not nearly as high as it was in 2014 for Republicans, especially with Trump in the White House.”
Where has Lange been? The anti-Establishment winds are STRONGER now than they were in 2014. Three years ago it was but a gentle breeze that kicked up as the McDaniel-Cochran race got hotter. After the Establishment-orchestrated smear campaign trashed McDaniel, the anger began to build. But more on that in a minute.
If Lange is right, why did Bob Corker, who chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Jeff Flake, once considered safe until recently, throw in the towel? Because they felt that fierce hurricane blowing and decided to bow out before succumbing to a humiliating defeat.
“Second, I think there’s still a major hangover from 2014 in that voters and donors both remember the ‘lack of institutional control’ his campaign exhibited.”
Lange’s argument here is nothing more than Establishment fibs they’ve been peddling since 2014. But what McDaniel’s base clearly remembers is how he

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