Featured Artist: Taylor LeBlanc

This week’s featured artist is Taylor LeBlanc, a senior student of art at the University of Southern Mississippi. Each week, Deep South Voice will feature a new artist from the region along with a gallery of their work. If you or a regional artist you know would like to be featured, please contact us.

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In an art studio at the University of Southern Mississippi, Taylor LeBlanc is working to solve a problem before he graduates next spring.
“A real professional artist has a problem, whatever it may be, and they’re out to find a solution to that problem,” he explains to me. “The artists themselves make the problem. Whether it be they’re trying to get blue and orange to work together, or whether they’re trying to show a certain concept in their work, they’re still trying to set out to do something.
Taylor’s problem, he says, is all about the contrast between the organic and the geometric. He explains that he still “really enjoys the organic world” and “the flow of the paint and the movement of ink.” The idea is to bring in geometric elements – such as shapes, squares, and rectangles – as complements to the organic.
“I’m keeping everything as simple as I can and trying to make that organic really show off,” he says.
He uses the example of a landscape to help me better understand.
“You’ve gotta have that contrast in there or it’s just washy ink all over paper,” he says. “If you don’t have something like the face in a figure or a tree in a field, it’s just wash. So these pieces are me breaking that down and looking for an even more simple way to solve this organic-geometric problem.”

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