Finding Common Sense in the State Flag Debate

Earlier this week, the city of Ocean Springs passed a resolution to fly the Mississippi Flag at City Hall.  The measure passed with six City Aldermen voting for the measure and one voting against it.
The public comment portion of the meeting included dozens of citizens voicing their opposition to the flag.  Brian Rose, a Republican candidate for Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, thanked the board for their courage to tackle the sensitive issue.
In a social media post, Rose wrote, “Tonight, I rose in favor of the process.”  Rose said his speech was intended to inform the room full of anti-flag activists that options, like the ballot initiative, are available to all citizens.  He urged them to use those options, rather than bully tactics on mayors and city board members.  The city’s online broadcast of the meeting showed the crowd was unreceptive.
Since making the post, Rose has garnered attention from both sides of the field.  Some thanked him for making common sense statements, while many in the anti-flag crowd took to name calling, saying supporting the process was supporting racism.
Today, Rose made the following Facebook post, doubling down on his respect for the process and chastising those who continue to use bully tactics to get their way.
Mississippians are split on the issue of our State Flag and, like many social issues, emotions run high on both sides.  One side says the flag triggers hate, while the other side wants to preserve the historical identity of the state.
One thing both sides should agree on is the process of how we decide. Mississippi state law allows two pathways for getting a desired result.  
The first is through our representative government.  Each district elects officials.  We decide who the best person is to represent us and place our trust in that person to vote on the

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