McDaniel: Trump is Right, Reform the Filibuster

Like most Americans, I am frustrated with Washington, and I’m alarmed by the lack of congressional accomplishment.  They promised conservative reforms; we’ve received nothing.
President Trump made the argument that the Senate should reform the filibuster and allow bills to proceed with 51 votes instead of 60.  He made a persuasive case, and it changed my earlier opinion on the issue.
After much consideration, I’ve concluded we must have filibuster reform.
Although not mentioned in the Constitution, the filibuster was instituted as a matter of Senate tradition as a way to uphold the values of the American notion of government — put simply, that laws should be challenging to pass.
Although the Founding Fathers were correct when they wanted to make it difficult to pass new laws, they would be shocked at the present course and scope of the federal government.  The constitutional design is not functioning as intended.  Not only has the government grossly exceeded its Constitutional boundaries, but the present system also perpetuates never-ending deficits, debt, the loss of personal liberties, a growing regulatory state, and an expansion of government power.
Congress’s present inaction, rather than upholding fundamental nature of limited government, serves to exacerbate the problem.  With each day of silence, the government continues its improper advance.  Because the status quo is hostile to self-government, at this stage, Congressional inactivity is forever undermining the very idea of limited government.
In response to those who would argue otherwise, how can an antiquated Senate rule be considered “conservative” if its very existence stands in the way of the restoration of Constitutional government?
It can’t.
At a minimum, to help negate the continued abuse of authority, the Senate rules should be changed to allow a majority of senators to repeal a federal law.  Repealing unconstitutional legislation like Obamacare must be made easier, not more difficult.
When Congress respects the

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