Alabama Handmaids show up to resist Steve Bannon and Roy Moore

Inspired by Margaret Atwood’s story, Alabama women rallied to say that “sexual predators should not be tolerated, excused, or elected for any reason”

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Around sixty or seventy Baldwin County, Alabama women attended a protest against against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore and Breitbart’s Steven Bannon on Monday night, organizers said.
The women were part of the Handmaids’ Resistance, a movement based on Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. As part of the protest, the women wore capes and bonnets based on the novel and its recent television adaptation.
The organizers, who held the protest outside Oak Hollows Farm in Fairhope where Bannon and Moore were speaking to supporters, said they were there to support “victims who had the courage to speak out” against Moore.
“If Roy Moore wins the upcoming Senate election in Alabama, sexual predators will feel supported, powerful, and emboldened to exploit and attack more women and children,” said protest organizer Michele Harmon of Elberta via press release, referencing allegations that Moore sexually preyed upon multiple teenage girls when he was in his thirties.
“This isn’t about politics. It’s about standing up for what’s right and decent in this country,” she said.
Harmon warned about the emotional ramifications Moore’s accusers would endure should he be elected on December 12th.
“They were victimized once by Moore, a second time by an ugly campaign that personally and viciously attacked them,” she said. “If Moore wins, the accusers would be victimized a third time, by voters of Alabama who elected the man who commited this abuse, then denied it, then called the victims liars and frauds because they revealed the abuse.”
Moore has continued to deny the allegations, joining his supporters in blaming the accusations on everyone from Hillary Clinton, to Barack Obama, to George Soros, to LGBT people and socialists.
Moore is running against Alabama

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