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Last week, Remember Mississippi PAC ( went live with their website.  We’ve seen some chatter asking what this PAC is, and what is it’s purpose. In the about us ( section on their web page, it states the following:
Remember Mississippi was formed to provide support and a voice to Mississippi GOP voters who have been all too often ignored by the Washington D.C. Establishment. Our goal is to help true conservatives win! One of our primary goals in 2018 is to encourage Sen. Chris McDaniel to run and win the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate.
Our winning formula consists of equipping citizens across the state to take action to help conservatives win, and educating voters about the most pressing issues facing Mississippi.
            One of the greatest things about grassroot campaigns is that they’re lead by “We the People”.The Remember Mississippi PAC is a grassroots organization committed to organizing conservatives that want to make a difference in Mississippi.  As we are all anxiously awaiting Senator McDaniel to announce his future campaign decisions, we at Mississippi Conservative Daily would like to encourage all supporters of Senator McDaniel to get involved with this group. To sign up to volunteer with Remember Mississippi; just follow this link, fill out your information, and check the box marked “Yes! Please send me information about volunteering with Remember Mississippi!”.
Milton Friedman once said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” As conservatives we realize this is true. To accomplish their goals, Remember Mississippi needs donations. Many are eagerly asking when can they donate to Senator McDaniel. Well here’s your opportunity to open your wallet to help carry the torch of liberty throughout the state. We at MCD are asking all supporters of liberty, conservatism, and Chris McDaniel to please donate ( to Remember Mississippi PAC so they

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