My Favorite Books I Read in 2017

I enjoyed writing the post on my favorite books of 2016 and am repeating it in 2017.
This is my list for the year, in the order that I read them. Note that the books weren’t necessarily released in 2017. I also updated the list throughout the year as a read the books instead of compiling as list at the end of the year.
To put it in context, I read approximately 40 books in 2017.
I read several books before one made the list. It was February before I hit one I consider 5-stars.
Here are this year’s favorites:

American Ulysses: A Life of Ulysses S. Grant– my first Grant biography. I under-appreciated him. From selling firewood in the streets of St. Louis to commander of the Union army and then President all in an 8 year span. Think about that the next time you pass a guy selling firewood on the side of the road. I’ve been a Sherman fan (who was way ahead of his time) since reading his memoirs in college. Now I see why Sherman was a Grant fan. After reading this, I now rank the big 4 like this: 1. Jackson; 2. Grant; 3. Sherman; 4. Lee. Jackson has a huge advantage by dying before Gettysburg, which was an unmitigated debacle for Lee. If Jackson makes it to 1865, he probably suffers defeats that drop his ranking.
The Futures– highly praised, I bought it because Amazon ran it on a kindle daily deal. It’s a novel about a couple who were Yale graduates moving to NYC in 2008 as the financial markets crashed. One worked for a hedge fund. The other had an affair. Having just finished the Grant book, I was prepared to dislike this novel. An author 20 years younger than me, Ivy Leaguers, NYC, investment bankers–not my

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