Welcome to the Trump Economy

The re-writing of history has begun in earnest. Barack Obama and his biggest defenders are out in force taking credit for the surge in the US economy over the past year. During a speech in Chicago recently, Obama actually thanked himself for all that is right with the economic world.
Austan Goolsbee, who served as one of Obama’s economic advisors and has been a reliable defender of “progress” under the previous regime, appeared on a recent episode of Hannity and credited the former President for the robust economic growth and the surge in the stock market.
Let me say that I agree with this line of thinking. Obama is responsible for the surge in the economy over the past year – because he left office.
Much of what happens in our economy is based on perception every bit as much as on actual policy. The business community and investors base many of their decisions on who is in office, who will likely be in office, and what policies they are likely to enact. The dismal economy over the previous eight years under Obama, in which he became the only President to serve at least two terms yet not have a single quarter of at least three percent growth, is because of one person: Barack Obama.
In fact, if you look at the economic meltdown that struck the housing and financial sectors in September 2008, which helped propel Obama into office, the evidence is clear. Though Obama and the Democrats blamed it on Bush and the Republicans, squawking about the economy shedding 750,000 jobs per month, the data reveals the real truth. US companies did shed some jobs in September and October, as the crisis unfolded, but did not begin massive layoffs until November, the very month of Obama’s election.
Why did they wait? Business leaders

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