Photo Gallery: Mississippians Protest Trump’s Visit to Jackson

“I feel like the real Mississippi showed up.”
-Talamieka Brice
On December 10th, the President of the United States paid a visit to Mississippi. But a moment that would’ve been a point of pride any year before quickly turned into a day of protest. President Trump was invited to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum – a choice that incensed black and progressive activists across the state on account of Trump’s history of racial divisiveness.

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“It’s easy to go low, it’s easy to stoke fears,” said Talamieka Brice, who helped organized a protest in response. “But you’re 71 years old. You’ve built a legacy. Is this the best you can leave behind?”
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As Trump arrived, protesters lined the streets outside the museum. Trump, who had planned to deliver an address to a large crowd outside, instead moved his speech indoors, appearing before a small crowd where he hoped to avoid pushback.
“I feel like we had a great crowd of people here, a very diverse crowd, different genders, different races, different religions,” Brice said. “I feel like the real Mississippi showed up. We get a bad name a lot about who we are, and what we bring to the table, and our government is not doing a great job at our image at all. So this was an opportunity for regular, everyday Mississippians to have a voice and a say in who we are as a community and what we stand for.”
Chuck Westmoreland, a history professor at Delta State University, said he felt it was important to show up for the opening of the museums, but not without taking a stand against Trump, too.
“When we got word that Trump would be here, I thought it was important for people to come out because

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