Return of the Conservatives

After the setback in Alabama a few weeks ago, many conservatives were understandably shaken up. Was this a sign of things to come? Was our insurgent conservative movement grinding to a halt?
For many political pundits, especially those in Mississippi, the outcome in Alabama was seen as an indicator of sorts. Would Mississippi follow Alabama’s lead? If Moore had prevailed, did that signal the possibility of a successful Chris McDaniel challenge to Roger Wicker? But with Moore’s defeat, did that also signal a limitation of the conservative movement? That Mississippi might also reject its most conservative candidate?
Senator McDaniel rightly called the Alabama US Senate race an “anomaly.” As much as the Establishment would like to think it a pattern, it’s certainly not by any stretch of the imagination. This is not a new wave of Establishment victories for the foreseeable future.
Whether or not Senator Chris McDaniel challenges Roger Wicker in 2018 for a US Senate seat, or decides to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2019, he is a great national leader for the new insurgent conservative movement. In either office, he can be a force for conservative reform across the country.
McDaniel is one of the most articulate spokesmen for the conservative movement and one of the most recognized leaders, not just in Mississippi but also nationally. He’s been recognized nationally for his leadership and promotion of conservative ideals. And even though he is just a state legislator, he’s been featured on national news programs and had his columns printed on national websites. One would be hard pressed to find another state senator with such a pedigree.
He’s also been the most successful in challenging the Establishment. His victory over Thad Cochran in the 2014 primary was a stunning upset that no one thought even remotely possible, only to have his victory snatched

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