The Establishment Strikes Back

Love him or hate him, Alabama’s Roy Moore suffered through public humiliation that few of us have ever experienced. To be smeared across the country as a pedophile and serial sexual abuser is as bad as anything society can hurl at you. How he was able to withstand such an all-out character assassination is beyond most of us.
Although many Republicans and conservatives ran from Moore like the plague, I chose to believe him and to stand with him as a Christian brother. I clung to the Scriptures, especially the Apostle John’s teaching that when we love our brethren “we have passed from death to life.” Others chose to side with the Establishment.
But, more importantly, is where these attacks came from. Another reason I chose to stand with Moore is because I believed from Day One that the accusations came not from Democrats but from Moore’s fellow Republicans. It smelled like a GOP Establishment hit to me. Reports soon surfaced that proved me right. The Washington Post stories came from a former Jeb Bush staffer.
Make no mistake, whether one supported Roy Moore or ran from him, the Republican Party is in a battle for its very soul. It’s a fight between the Establishment and Grassroots Conservatives. And we can’t afford to run any longer.
Establishment Republicans have long loathed conservatives, a battle that has raged for decades in many forms: Taft-Eisenhower, Goldwater-Nixon, Reagan-Ford, Buchanan-Bush. And the Establishment’s favored tactic is to attack candidates who hold very conservative positions in the belief that such issues, bent and twisted after emerging from the Establishment spin machine, will turn voters off in the general election. They essentially destroy members of their own party with whom they disagree and dislike.
I wrote about their tactics in my new book, Remember Mississippi:
This is the Establishment strategy. They smear

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