What Does It Mean To Endorse Roger Wicker?

News broke today that a number of Trump’s 2016 county chairs in Mississippi have endorsed Roger Wicker for re-election to the US Senate this year.
This is a very strange and puzzling development. One of Trump’s major campaign promises was to “Drain the Swamp.” But how can any of the President’s Mississippi county chairs endorse Roger Wicker yet remain true to that campaign promise? Not to mention the fact that Wicker is part of Mitch McConnell’s leadership team and has thrown his support behind the floundering Majority Leader, who is widely seen as the major impediment to a conservative agenda.
Far from a conservative reformer, Wicker has been in Congress for nearly a quarter of a century. Before that, he served in the Mississippi State Senate. But he is very well entrenched inside the Barbour Machine and in the swamp that is the Republican Establishment.
Furthermore, and more curious still, is that many of these Trump chairs supported Senator Chris McDaniel in his 2014 bid to unseat Thad Cochran.
But make no mistake, Roger Wicker is every bit as bad as Thad Cochran:

Conservative Review’s Liberty Score rates him an “F” with a grade of 32
FreedomWorks gives him a lifetime score of 68
Heritage Foundation rates him an “F” with a 52
Wicker has voted more often with liberal Democrats Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand than he has Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Mike Lee.

So by endorsing Roger Wicker, these chairs have endorsed “The Swamp,” for Wicker has:

Voted to raise the debt ceiling at least 14 times
Voted for every “Continuing Resolution” since 2007
Voted to continue “No Child Left Behind”
Voted for taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood
Voted to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank
Voted for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
Voted to give Obama authority to impose his unconstitutional Amnesty
Voted for increased welfare funding in the “Farm Bill”
Voted to fully fund Obamacare

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