The Roger Wicker Smokescreen

Even though Senator Roger Wicker has no opponent in his bid for another term in the US Senate, he sure does act like he is about to get the challenge of his life.  In fact, he’s been “running” for re-election for months on end.
What’s he been up to?
After many years of being virtually invisible, Wicker is now everywhere, posting on Facebook multiple times a day and releasing columns almost weekly, letting all the people of Mississippi how hard he is working on their behalf.
But many are openly wondering: Where was he in years past? Where was his aggressiveness when Obama was in office for eight years?
He’s announced that 65 Trump county chairs have endorsed him, even though he has no opponent, but we now know that the vast majority of them supported Thad Cochran in 2014, not Chris McDaniel, and we are hearing that a number of them did not give their consent to be on such a list.
With the popularity of President Trump in Mississippi, whom he did NOT endorse and told Senate candidates in the fall of 2016 to “back away from,” Wicker has attached himself at the hip. And this is his biggest con yet.
Wicker constantly boasts that he votes with the President 96.4 percent of the time, yet so do Establishment hacks Thad Cochran, Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch, and Pat Roberts. That’s because that score reflects appointments and minor rule changes, not major policy questions.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: On major policy questions, Roger Wicker has actively opposed President Trump!!

Roger Wicker Opposes Filibuster Reform – President Trump wants filibuster reform in the US Senate to move his agenda forward but Wicker sided with Senate Democrats to block any attempt at ending the filibuster. Now Democrats are free to block Trump’s agenda.
Roger Wicker Wants More Foreign Workers – President

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