Roger Wicker Voted To Fund Obamacare

Over the last week, there has been some confusion over whether or not Senator Roger Wicker voted to fund Obamacare.
Allow me to clear up the confusion with just one conspicuous example:
In October 2013, a handful of conservative Senators, led by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, were holding the line in the Senate against Obamacare, fighting with all they had to stop what was billed as one of the worst laws ever passed by Congress. It was set to take full effect on January 1, 2014. But in their herculean effort, not only were they relentlessly attacked by Democrats; they faced assault by their own leadership.
The House, though, did its job by passing a funding bill that funded everything except Obamacare. The Senate failed. Why? Not enough Republicans were willing to take a stand. Roger Wicker was one of them.
In the end, Congress enacted a continuing resolution funding bill that funded the government but also raised the debt ceiling and left Obamacare intact. In the cloture vote that stopped conservatives in their tracks, a lopsided vote of 83-16, Roger Wicker sided with Harry Reid and the Democrats, along with Establishment Republicans, to cut off debate and pass the bill.
So, YES, Roger Wicker voted to fully fund Obamacare. He did not stand with conservatives who were fighting to kill it before it went into full effect. He owns it!

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