Is Michael Guest Responsible for Mark Mayfield’s Suicide?

Madison District Attorney Michael Guest has publicly alleged that Mark Mayfield was involved with hatching a plan to photograph Rose Cochran as she lay in her Madison nursing home.

Michael Guest’s arrest and indictment of Mark Mayfield was politically motivated, according to a lawsuit.
Michael Guest’s arrest of Mayfield and his subsequent public humiliation led to his suicide, the lawsuit claims.
Just days after Thad Cochran won the 2014 primary run-off, Mayfield committed suicide. 
Madison District Attorney Michael Guest

Michael Guest is the man responsible for prosecuting blogger Clayton Kelly and radio host John Mary for the photo caper, in which Kelly captured a photo of ailing Senator Thad Chochran’s now deceased wife Rose.
Apparently unsatisfied with arresting blogger Kelly and former radio host Mary, Michael Guest and Madison authorities arrested teacher Richard Sager and attorney Mark Mayfield for their alleged roles in the incident.
Guest’s arrest of Mayfield is widely believed to be politically motivated. You can read Ms. Mayfield’s complaint here.
There is no disputing that Mark Mayfield was a pillar of his community, whether professionally, at church, with his boys’ school endeavors, or civically.
It is not editorializing to state that for him to be treated as he was by Madison authorities, led by Michael Guest, was not commensurate with his position in Madison and Jackson.
Casting as wide a net as possible, D.A. Michael Guest and Madison authorities, all sympathetic to Thad Cochran, evidently sought to use Mark Mayfield’s arrest, and  charges to cast a pall over the prominent local attorney and, by extension, damage conservative U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel, according to a lawsuit.
Mayfield’s public arrest led to the loss of his law practice’s primary clients. Mayfield’s family alleges that the arrest was politically motivated, and led to his suicide.
Evidently under extreme pressure from D.A. Michael Guest’s prosecution, Mary and Kelly both accepted plea deals, while Mary suffered extreme

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