Roger Wicker Supports Unfair Trade Deals

One of Donald Trump’s major campaign promises was tougher and fairer trade deals. During his nearly a quarter of a century in Congress, Senator Roger Wicker has routinely opposed that position:

Roger Wicker Supports Giving The President Unconstitutional “Fast Track” Authority To Negotiate Trade Deals – “Fast Track” allows the President to negotiate trade deals but Congress is prohibited from making any changes to the agreement. It can be voted up or down but not altered. This is an unconstitutional abdication of congressional power of commerce. Yet Wicker has supported this measure numerous times.
Roger Wicker Voted To Give “Fast Track” Authority To Obama For TPP – This vote allowed Obama to negotiate the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership that included trade deals with nations like Vietnam, which has an economy that is one percent of ours.
Roger Wicker Voted Against Withdrawing From The World Trade Organization – The WTO routinely votes against US interests in trade cases brought before it, yet in 2000 Wicker felt we needed to remain a part of it.
Roger Wicker Supported Unfair Trade Deals With Third World Nations Around The Globe – Wicker has supported agreements with Peru, Chile, Colombia, Singapore, and Sub-Saharan Africa, to name but a few. One notable deal Wicker supported was with the Dominican Republican and Central America (DR-CAFTA). Wicker was not in Congress to support NAFTA but he supported DR-CAFTA, which essentially extended NAFTA to Central America and the Dominican Republic. Yet the combined economies of those six nations equaled the entire economic output of New Haven, Connecticut alone. So how could that possibly help the US economy?

And what promises were made in order to bring passage of CAFTA? The same ones we got for NAFTA – economic prosperity and a slowdown of illegal immigration.
“If you’re concerned about immigration to this country, then you must understand

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