Cochran’s Clone: Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith


When Governor Phil Bryant had to choose a successor to Senator Thad Cochran, he had certain qualifications in mind, although we don’t know what many of them were. He said little publicly except that he wanted someone who could serve for the next 20-25 years, like Cochran. In other words, he was looking for longevity.
But it has become painfully obvious that one of his criteria must have been that the prospective replacement also think, act, and, most especially, vote like Thad Cochran. That’s probably why Chris McDaniel was out early in the running. And that’s why Cindy Hyde-Smith made the cut.
Like Cochran, Hyde-Smith claims to be a conservative. She “revealed” to the public on the day of her appointment that she was a “lifelong conservative.” Cochran said much the same thing, especially in his battle with Chris McDaniel in 2014. But their respective voting records tell a far different story.
Like Cochran, Hyde-Smith is a former Democrat who switched parties for political opportunities. She voted in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, for either Hillary or Obama in 2008 (I think it was Hillary), and switched parties in late 2010 in order to run statewide in 2011, and didn’t vote in a Republican primary until 2011. Cochran voted for LBJ in 1964 (he said he voted for Nixon in 1968) but didn’t switched parties until 1972 in order to run for Congress.
Like Cochran, Hyde-Smith votes against plans to balance the budget. Even though both tout themselves as conservatives, both Cochran and Hyde-Smith do not support plans to cut spending and balance the budget. They both talk the talk but have never walked the walk. His long career in DC, Cochran was one of the biggest porkers on Capitol Hill and once voted against an amendment to cut one-half of one percent from discretionary

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