Chris McDaniel Is The Right Conservative To Fight For Mississippi Values


If you have not yet realized, our Nation’s core values are under attack. This Nation was founded as a Christian nation; we are letting her slip away when we do not have to. Many Christians hear the noise that the liberals so loudly proclaim and shy away from our God-given role to support our government and its leaders.
I believe that every Christian should work to have a strong conservative elected because of our core values. Why would any Christian vote for someone who would sanction or have the platform to sanction murdering innocent babies? The topic of seeing abortion revoked in America should never grow old. There is no right higher than the innocent! We have no right to murder a child living inside of a woman’s body, as we have no right to commit suicide when we are tired of living this life. I have no right to kill my neighbor because he made me angry. There is no term you can give abortion to lighten the consequence of murder. When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she does not exclaim, “Hooray, I’m having a fetus!” No, she says, “I’m having a baby!”
Let us rally behind ones who have the platform of standing against abortion and elect those who will work to see the end of murdering innocent babies.
Another reason we should vote for strong conservatives is so that we can elect individuals who will work for the American people and see that our Constitution is conserved. Our Second Amendment right is under attack. Our problem in America is not the need to create more laws, but to see reform of the human heart. We need to fight for strong conservatives who will work to keep our families and homes safe. Bad guys will always find a way

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