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Sheriff’s Department corruption continues as Sheriff McGee and son-in-law, Investigator Nick Calico, violate Mississippi Constitution and State ethics laws.

The Forrest County Sheriff’s Department is no stranger to charges of corruption, and not just by those who have run afoul of the law or found themselves in the Department’s crosshairs.  Earlier this year, when sentencing Charles Bolton, U.S. District Court Judge Keith Starrett weighed in by stating on the record that there has been […]

Hattiesburg Attorney, Mary Lee Holmes, sanctioned $5,000 over her “careless allegations of prejudice and deceit” in Federal Court filing.

the next day, but it was too late to avoid sanctions. In addition to the monetary fine, Judge Starrett strongly admonished Ms. Holmes for her filing. The document that led to Holmes’s sanctions can be viewed below.  The full story can be read by clicking here.  In Judge Starrett’s order he ruled, “Though Holmes is […]

Former Hattiesburg City Councilman brandishes knife at flag protest. Police called.

Former Hattiesburg City Councilman and flag supporter, Scott Farris, can be seen brandishing a knife after Justin Thrash, an anti state flag demonstrator, called Farris a “snowflake” during a recent protest. The incident occurred at approximately 1:35 on the video as Farris said, “There’s more where that came from.” The incident occurred in front of […]

Unsealed letter from Bolton’s trial attorney to Bolton reveals how the planned defense strategy collapsed, just ten days before trial, when Bob McDuff became council for Linda Bolton

It’s not clear if Rob McDuff’s decision to advise Linda Bolton not to testify at trial was a wise one. It’s impossible to tell.  Linda Bolton was convicted on five of the ten counts of her indictment. Her husband, Charles Bolton was convicted on nine counts. According to the document below, the long standing defense […]

Bolton attorney, Mary Lee Holmes, faces sanctions over post conviction court filing, which smeared Judge Starrett and federal prosecutors

Local Hattiesburg attorney, Mary Lee Holmes, faces almost certain court sanctions after she made allegations of fraud and prejudice against the prosecution and Judge Starrett.  Holmes entered a post conviction appearance in the Bolton’s tax evasion trial in a motion she filed called Limited Supplemental Motion In Support of Reply Motion Supporting Motion For Bond Appeal [Doc.250].  Document […]

Unsealed defense attorney’s documents reveal much about Bolton’s legal woes (Part 1)

Former Charles Bolton defense Attorney, Joe Sam Owen, filed a whopping 52 page brief which addressed each and every attempt Bolton used to smear Owen’s character and defense strategy. Judge Starrett waived the attorney client privilege between Owen and Bolton, which untied Owen’s hands and allowed him to respond to  Bolton’s claims. The Court recognizes […]

Video on Municipal Judge Jerry Evan’s computer another big signal that Jerry Rigged justice system is bad for Barker

Back in 2012 Hattiesburg was upended when an internal affairs investigative report was leaked to the media. The report detailed the results of an investigation into possible corruption within Hattiesburg’s Municpal Court.  The report was leaked to WDAM which first reported the following. During the nearly two month investigation, police found the following violations: Truthfulness, […]

Former recycle truck driver says he was “just following orders” when taking recycle material taken to the landfill station. Says Director Larry Barnes made inaccurate statements to public.

Audio interview with Mr. BC Smith. Smith was a former driver for public works and dumped recycle materials in the landfill transport station for two years. BC Smith, a former truck driver with the City Hattiesburg went on the record in a taped interview with the Hattiesburg Patriot. Smith came forward after learning of the […]