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The Republican Budget Cave

Congress has unveiled a new spending bill that will fund the government throughout the rest of this fiscal year, ending on September 30. And, if one didn’t know it, one might reasonably conclude the Democrats are still in charge in Washington. In all, the bill, which spends $1.1 trillion, hands the Democrats what they wanted […]

The Good President Franklin

Walk through the biography or history section of any bookstore and you will soon be inundated with works on the beloved Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  He is generally portrayed as the savior of American democracy, as well as capitalism, the President who reached out a helping hand to his fellow man, particularly those in the lower […]

Global Warming Militants Rally In DC, Protest Trump

Leftwing environmentalist wackos, uh, I mean enthusiasts, held a rally in Washington today to advocate for their cherished cause of climate change, or what they once called global warming. Included in the mob were Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Christie Brinkley. The day was hot, reaching 90 degrees when the average temperature is around 70 […]

A Lesson From Richard Nixon

Are modern-day Republicans cowards? I know sometimes it’s very hard to tell what’s really going on between their ears. Could it be cowardice or a secret collusion with liberal Democrats? Either way, it’s time for Republicans to quit cowering and start fighting back against the Left (be it liberal Democrats or liberal Republicans). The GOP […]

Like Cochran, Roger Wicker Is No Conservative

During our on-going GOP civil war, one topic of great contention is the definition of “conservative.” Our Establishment opponents have never defined it, except when they are accusing true conservatives, like Senator Chris McDaniel, of being “not particularly conservative,” yet with no defined parameters. But conservatism must mean something. We true conservatives contend that it […]