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WSJ Looks at Sleeping Jurors

Nicole Hong penned this entertaining Wall Street Journal [paywall] article about sleeping jurors in Saturday’s print edition. The opening: The right to a jury trial is a pillar of America’s justice system, enshrined in the Constitution from a tradition dating back more than 1,000 years. The problem these days is making sure jurors stay awake….. […]

PERS and the Next Financial Crisis

The Cayman Financial Review posted this article last month titled: “The state has been set for the next global financial crisis.“ The article discusses how the last financial crisis, PERS and the next financial crisis are related. As a result of the last crisis, central banks have kept interest rates near or below zero for […]

Every Lawyer Should Use Outlining Software

I repeat: every lawyer should use outlining software. Yet I can’t find anyone who does. Back in the mid-90’s, I attended a Bryan Garner CLE on improving legal writing. Twenty years later, the three big takeaways I still remember are: outline before you write; shorter is better; and ditch the legalese (hereby, wherefore, hereto, etc.) […]

November Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter Preview

Here is a preview of the November 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter: $218,000 verdict- Oxford federal court denial of faculty tenure case covered here (10/27/17); $55,000 verdict- Lowndes County underinsured motorist case (9/1/17); $8,090 verdict- Lamar County County Court underinsured motorist case (11/10/17); $3,437 verdict- Madison County County Court car wreck case […]