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BPF Book Review of The American Miracle | BPF Book Review of The American Miracle | Administrator Book Review:  The American Miracle – Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic By Michael Medved If you like history, you should read this book.  If you believe in miracles, you should read this book.  If you wonder about Divine intervention, you should […]

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey on Flooding | Lessons from Hurricane Harvey on Flooding | Administrator  Image: Getty Here’s a political lesson from Hurricane Harvey according to this article about storms and probabilities.  “The lesson here — remember there’s a quiz on Friday — is that a big storm, in itself, is evidence of nothing more than the fact that there’s […]

I Don’t Always… | I Don’t Always… | Administrator The Most Interesting Man in the World for Dos Equis Beer. I don’t always believe stories from Mississippi Power, or from its parent Southern Company, about the Kemper Lignite Plant.  But when I do, it’s because I’ve been kidnapped, tortured, drugged, and forced to watch endless video loops […]

A Bigger Pie View – Southern Company Blues | A Bigger Pie View – Southern Company Blues | Administrator This piece from Seeking Alpha is designed to be the “chicken soup for the soul” for potential Southern Company investors.  The piece says that the utility presently has the “blues” with billions in cost overruns for the Kemper Project coal gasification power plant […]

The Chief Engineer’s Legacy | The Chief Engineer’s Legacy | Administrator The Mississippi Levee Board (MLB) was created right after the Civil War to build and maintain levees in the Mississippi Delta.  The US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) took over levee building in 1927.  But the MLB, located in Greenville, still maintains them.  It has had some […]

The PSC and the MRC | The PSC and the MRC | Administrator What do the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Mississippi River Commission (MRC) have in common?  Both have presided over multi-billion dollar project failures.  The PSC’s is the Southern Company’s unworkable Kemper County Lignite plant. The MRC’s is the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project (MR&TP).  […]

PSC Kemper Order of July 6, 2017 | PSC Kemper Order of July 6, 2017 | Administrator Executive Summary PSC to Southern:  Keep and pay for the gasifiers and all related assets or keep and pay for the entire Kemper project including power generation. Details MPC can keep the turbines burning natural gas and put those assets into Retail Customers Base […]

Book Review – Masters of Craft | Book Review – Masters of Craft | Administrator Those intrigued by the ongoing reinvention of old bombed out spaces in cities across the country would do well to read “Masters of Craft – Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy.”  The author, Richard Ocejo, is a professor of sociology at John Jay College […]

Kemper Death Rattles | Kemper Death Rattles | Administrator In Atlanta, on June 28, 2017, Southern Company and Mississippi Power Co. announced immediate suspension of start-up and operations activities involving the lignite gasification portion of the Kemper County energy facility.  A copy of the entire release appears below. The release is Southern Co. waving a white flag, […]