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Karl Oliver COULD care less about the flag

Walking out for a lunch break of the Republican budget debacle, I passed Rep. Karl Oliver’s parking space, whose truck license plate proudly displays the Confederate flag. So either someone from Karl Oliver’s county is illegally parked in Karl Oliver’s spot, or Karl Oliver REALLY likes that symbol. Read More at Cottonmouth

A Month for Confederates, a Week for Hurricane Preparedness

This morning Governor Bryant issued a statement declaring May 23-27th “Hurricane Preparedness Week.” From NewsMS:“Eleven years after Hurricane Katrina, we have vivid memories of that storm and its aftermath,” said Gov. Bryant. “Catastrophic hurricanes do not occur every year, but we must prepare ourselves in such a way that we are prepared for any level […]

Adults in the Room

When you consider the sorts of things that matter to Democrats and Republicans in Mississippi government, it’s easy to definitively pick out the adults in the room.While Punxsutawney Phil Bryant peeked out of his office today looking for the federal government’s shadow, he followed the same trodden path of many discredited, discriminatory, Mississippi governors before him, saying:Because […]

A State of the State that doesn’t add up

Regardless of how many times you say something, it does not make that statement true – even if you say it to the entire legislature, media and citizens of the state.In his 2016 State of the State address, Governor Phil Bryant said the following:“We now face a new year where I am able to inform […]

New Champion for Public Education?

Rep. Jay Hughes, the Freshman Representative from Oxford, has made a splash at the start of this session doing something truly outrageous…keeping his promise.Hughes was one of the bright spots for Democrats this November, and his platform that resonated in Lafayette County was a simple one: “It All Starts With Education.”Just today, Hughes began by […]

Casting lots with loaded dice

With the legislature reconvening in Jackson this week, we will finally get an answer to one of the biggest question marks of the 2015 cycle, as the House will decide whether to seat incumbent Rep. Bo Eaton or his Republican challenger Mark Tullos. In case you haven’t been keeping up with state house races or […]

What To Expect: Mississippi Roads and Bridges Falling Through the Cracks and Potholes

This is Part 3 of a series this week highlighting what to expect from the Mississippi Legislature this session.For the past few years, legislative leaders and business leaders have been sounding the alarm at the deteriorating condition of Mississippi’s infrastructure. Article after article has highlighted the problems with our extensive network of state highways and […]