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What to expect: Republicans Love Low Wages

As we enter the 2016 legislative session, Cottonmouth will be sharing a series of posts on what to expect. This is the first time the Republicans have held both chambers and the executive branch. We’ll be focusing on a few issues early on, and we’ll be watching as the session progresses. Mississippi workers don’t get paid […]

In case you needed more proof of the failure of the Bryant-Reeves administration, WTVA reported today that 24/7 Wall St. ranked Mississippi as the 48th best run state in the country:To determine how well each state is managed, 24/7 Wall St. says it looked at key financial ratios and social and economic outcomes through information […]

Be Good To One Another

Your friends at Cottonmouth are taking some time off during the holidays, but we will be back if a story breaks that we wish to share. Rest assured, we will return for the legislative session in January. While the political heat (hopefully) cools along with the temperatures this fall, it is important to remember why […]

The Ties That Tie

Earlier today, Rep. Bo Eaton (D-Taylorsville) won the tie-breaker between him and his Republican challenger, Mark Tullos. Certified election results show each candidate receiving 5,489 votes. A document obtained by Cottonmouth shows that the results may be askew. A relative of Mr. Tullos – Mr. Jeffrey Tullos – has filed homestead exemption on property he […]

Health Care on the Brink

A recent report shows the dire financial situation facing Mississippi’s rural hospitals. The report reiterates what has been known for years: hospitals are struggling financially while patients are in danger of and are actually going without medical care.Some of the hospitals in jeopardy reside in districts represented by some of the worst offenders when it […]

New Report Shows What Won’t Be Addressed

A health report out today shows alarming numbers for Mississippi. The report shows that nearly 2,300 deaths could be avoided each year if policy makers will fix the problems associated with poor access to health care services. Based on what we have seen over the past four years of Republican governance, it seems unlikely that […]

The "Secret Plan" That Isn’t So Secret

Today, Rep. Brad Mayo (R-Oxford) ran this full page ad in The Oxford Citizen, attempting to white-wash his abysmal voting record on the Public Employees Retirement System.Mayo wants his constituents to think that his record on PERS is just a series of silly partisan accusations, and says that Democrats think there’s a “secret plan” to […]

About That Jim Hood Poll

A poll is circulating around Mississippi showing a close race between incumbent Attorney General Jim Hood and his opponent. The poll shows Jim Hood leading with 50% to his opponent’s 44% with 6% undecided (a plurality of the undecided voters are Democrats). This poll also shows a number of statewide Republican incumbents with oddly high […]

Is your Legislator Going to Destin on your Dollar?

FLASHBACK (8/11/2013):This morning, The Clarion Ledger’s Geoff Pender wrote a few (1) damning reports (2) about state legislators using taxpayer dollars for trips with lobbyists.According to Pender, not only did lobbyists cover the cost of much of a trip to Destin, these legislators were then reimbursed by the state for travel, food, etc, essentially double […]