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Drug Dealers for Lagasse (and other Republicans)

At a Republican campaign rally in Hancock County today, Republicans Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, Speaker Philip Gunn, Reps. Timmy Ladner and Mark Formby, and party chairman Joe Nosef stood next to their candidate for House District 122, Mickey Lagasse.Rallies like this are pretty common – firing up the crowd, taking pictures, handing out stickers. What […]

Rep. Brad Mayo Trying to Save Face:

2013 FLASHBACK Brad Mayo tries to break PERS:Late Sunday night, Representative Brad Mayo (R-Oxford) sent out an email to his constituents trying to save face on some of his recent actions in Jackson. One of the issues covered is House Bill 486, which dramatically alters PERS and how it funds itself.  What Mayo wrote can […]

What’s In Stacey Pickering’s Garage

Last week, the Joce Pritchett for Auditor campaign launched a new website highlighting the alleged FBI investigation into State Auditor Stacey Pickering’s misuse of his campaign funds. The website, named after the garage that Pickering purchased for himself with $3,800 in campaign donations, asks what Stacey Pickering his hiding. The website also attacks Pickering for his […]

The Failed Phil Bryant Economy

Governor Phil Bryant is out with his latest ad touting his economic record. Don’t let Phil Bryant keep lying to you. The Phil Bryant Economy has been a disaster.On Phil Bryant’s watch, there are over 22,000 fewer Mississippians with a job than there were when Phil Bryant and the Republicans took control of state government. […]

Phil Bryant Wants to Pick Your Legislator

The first round of General Election mail in this year’s House races didn’t come from a legislative campaign at all. Governor Phil Bryant has offered what appears to be a blanket endorsement of all Republicans running for the House.Remarkably, these candidates from remote parts of the state all seem to have embraced the same education […]