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McDaniel's Views on Race

As a follow up to the last post on U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel’s racially charged radio show comments about “hip hop culture” and Hurricane Katrina, I present to those wondering about McDaniel’s views on race exhibits A and B for further investigation.Exhibit A: McDaniel wrote ONE law article in his illustrious career as a […]

Chris McDaniel: Radio Killed the Tea Party Political Star (DHM Exclusive)

Dark Horse Mississippi again has the scoop on Tea Party-backed U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel’s digital skeletons.  Earlier this week, DHM first flagged for national media outlets like Mother Jones Magazine McDaniel’s mid-2000s radio show promotional teaser that sent shock-waves through social media, most notably from those outraged by McDaniel’s debunked theory that hip hop […]

Chris McDaniel's Internet Infamy Just Got Worse

Thanks to the political alchemy possible on the Internet (think retweets, viral videos, and more embarrassing leaks than the little dutch boy has fingers), Chris McDaniel became more famous/infamous overnight.In the embedded video above, a host of the popular Internet Show called The Young Turks deftly rips apart Chris McDaniel’s controversial radio comments about hip-hop […]

Meet Congressional Candidate Trent Kelly: And 9 Reasons He Is the Frontrunner in #MS01

The gun selfie is something of an art form in rural America, especially among Republican candidates for Congress. But all good Tea Party Mississippians should be forewarned as they admire the high-caliber, gold-plated, long-barreled gun porn in these 9 photographs from District Attorney Trent Kelly’s Facebook timeline. I have it on good authority that these photographs […]

If money equals campaign speech, what are Rep. Mark Formby's $800 boots telling everybody? A message to Mississippi's reporters, lawyers, and idealists: Ride with Dark Horse Mississippi all the way to the Supreme Court!

The inimitable Marshall Ramsey weighs in on recent revelations of campaign finance corruption in Mississippi.Loyal readers know I don’t blog a lot these days.But when I do, I’m not messing around. That’s why this post is so important. If any enterprising lawyers, media types, or all-around idealists are reading this, I have one hell of […]

Everybody Loves Reagan, Kelly Hates the IRS, Felons Deserve Voting Rights, & Other #MS01 Tupelo Debate Takeaways

My favorite moments at the Tupelo Debate tonight in #MS01 included some surprises, but the one thing that did not surprise me was how much love these Mississippi Congressional candidates showed for a Hollywood actor named Reagan.The most entertaining question of the night was which American Presidents the candidates would choose if they could reconstruct […]

The #MS01 Battlefield

For those not following the Special Congressional Election dynamics in play next month, my battlefield map of Mississippi’s First District may seem confusing. But it’s really not that complicated if you understand some key points of data (see spreadsheet below) within the framework of expected strategies of the candidates.There are five key factors to watch […]