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UPDATE: Something Rotten in Lowndes County? Tagert's MDOT Boys Take Down Candidate Signs in #MS01

This past weekend I expressed my opinion that Trent Kelly may have abused his office by encouraging or maybe even planning canvassing operations for a federal campaign with his state taxpayer-funded office staff by using three of his Assistant District Attorneys in one day of campaigning.Circumstantial evidence now points to another candidate possibly abusing his office. […]

#MS01 Opinion Poll (Unscientific)

Who will you vote for in the #MS01 Special Congressional Election in Mississippi’s First District on May 12th?Boyce AdamsSam AdcockNancy Adams CollinsEdward Troy HollidayStarner JonesTrent KellyMichael P. ‘Chip” Mills, Jr.Greg PirkleHenry RossDaniel SparksMike TagertQuentin WhitwellWalter Howard Zinn, Jr. free polls Read more at Dark Horse Mississippi

Handicapping #MS01

In less than a week, the First District will go to the polls to vote among a field of thirteen candidates. In a previous post, I explained what I still consider to be the three tiers of candidates. In my analysis in that post, I stated that only the top two tiers are viable contenders […]

#MS01: Resolving Those Lingering Questions About Purple Church in the May 12th Election Aftermath

Despite spending a ton of money bashing poor people, I doubt the 5th place finisher in the May 12th #MS01 election, Dr. Starner Jones, rides off into the sunset as he should in a “welfare wagon” (grocery cart) pushed by a Simpson’s character. Because we will never see that kind of poetic Dickensian ending, I’m here as the faceless narrator […]