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Follow the $$$: #MS01 Candidates Involved in Incompetent Messups, Criminal Coverups, and Making Big Bucks

A few bad boys in tomorrow’s Special Congressional Election for the First District of Mississippi failed to file a Financial Disclosure Statement: Sam Adcock, Dr. Ed Holliday, Henry Ross, Daniel Sparks, and Quentin Whitwell. (A concerned citizen tipped me off to this issue today and provided a link to a searchable database for congressional candidates’ […]

A Confederacy of Homophobes… An Election Year of Unintended Consequences in Mississippi

Despite all of the political oxygen blowing in the direction of the confederate flag debate (and Mississippi’s GOP leadership divided between House Speaker Philip Gunn’s gutsy shot across the bow for reforming the flag and Governor Phil Bryant’s yellow-bellied reliance on the outcome of a fifteen-year-old referendum in support of the flag), I’m thinking the […]


UPDATE: How about a hint on what the countdown is for? Well I’m working on a piece of writing of broader interest than the narrow federal election topics I usually cover. It should be of interest to the political crowd at Neshoba, which makes it a well timed surprise for this summer, I hope. Read more […]

If State Frauditor Stacey Pickering Is Corrupt, So Is A Sizable Chunk of Mississippi's Legislature: Exhibit A: Is State Senator Joey Fillingane Clothed in Corruption?

Since March 2014, I have been compiling research on lawmakers in Mississippi that raid their campaign accounts for spending sprees that seem personal in nature. I have not published anything on this topic yet, because the scope of the problem dictated that I produce a long-form piece on the topic.Since The Clarion-Ledger’s Geoff Pender broke an RV-sized […]

State Senator Dean Kirby: Driven By Corruption on the American Expressway? (EXHIBIT B of the Case Against Corruption, Racketeering, and Tax Evading in Mississippi's State Legislature)

State Senator Dean Kirby (Photo from Official Senate Website): Did Senator Kirby spend more than $23,000 on a vehicle in 2011 using his campaign account? If so, how can such an unlikely campaign expense for a state senator be legal when Kirby ran unopposed for reelection in 2011 and 2015? And if having no campaign […]

State Representative John Moore: He's the Education Chairman, but the Dog Ate His Campaign Finance Report (EXHIBIT C of the Case Against Corruption, Racketeering, and Tax Evading in Mississippi's State Legislature)

Key questions for State Representative John Moore (Pictured): Where is Rep. Moore’s mandatory annual campaign finance report for 2012? How many thousands of dollars in contributions did Moore fail to report? How many thousands of dollars in spending did Moore fail to report? Why did Moore fail to report for 2012? What could Moore be hiding? […]

Is Sec. Hosemann Racketeering Now Too, Or Is His Office Just Incompetent? Rep. John Moore's Annual Campaign Finance Report For 2012 Magically Uploaded 30 Months Late But Backdated as "Filed" Feb. 2013

State Representative John Moore perhaps didn’t forget his homework after all. Instead, it’s possible that his dog ate it, if his dog is named Delbert Hosemann.The prospect that the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office somehow failed to upload Rep. Moore’s campaign finance report has become more likely, after the report was finally uploaded to the […]