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Rules Chairman Breaking the Rules? Rep. Mark Formby is Corrupt from the Roof Over His Head to the Boots on His Feet, & Delbert Hosemann May Be the Racketeer Puppeteer of Corrupt Embezzlers, Double Billers, & Tax Evaders in Mississippi's Statehouse

Mississippi State Representative Mark Formby joins a growing lineup of statehouse politicians caught embezzling money from their own campaign accounts. A former legislative assistant to ex-United States Senator Trent Lott, Formby became a state legislator more than two decades ago in 1993.While Formby’s critics admit that he seems to be a nice guy, a nice […]

Delbert Hosemann's Blindspot: Missing & Incomplete Campaign Finance Reports Are Covering Up the Sale of Mississippi's Politicians

Since today is primary runoff Tuesday, we’ll hear some high-minded pronouncements from Mississippi’s election watchdog, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.Hosemann is the official who will certify the election results, announce any unforeseen problems, and make general observations about turnout before the day is done. Recall that Hosemann cares so much about the integrity of our […]

Remember When A Respected Mississippi Journalist Co-Authored a Book on Original Sins of Hillary Clinton? Greed, Insincerity, and Callousness Emerge as Character Traits Long Before the Current Scandals Involving the Clinton State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and HRC's Private Email Server

Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal is a tale of the “Whitewater” scandal that was co-authored by Curtis Wilkie, a respected presidential campaign reporter from Mississippi who teaches at the University of Mississippi. The book contains some very unflattering vignettes involving Hillary Clinton that may shed light on her character as her current […]