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Video on Municipal Judge Jerry Evan’s computer another big signal that Jerry Rigged justice system is bad for Barker

Back in 2012 Hattiesburg was upended when an internal affairs investigative report was leaked to the media. The report detailed the results of an investigation into possible corruption within Hattiesburg’s Municpal Court.  The report was leaked to WDAM which first reported the following. During the nearly two month investigation, police found the following violations: Truthfulness, […]

Former recycle truck driver says he was “just following orders” when taking recycle material taken to the landfill station. Says Director Larry Barnes made inaccurate statements to public.

Audio interview with Mr. BC Smith. Smith was a former driver for public works and dumped recycle materials in the landfill transport station for two years. BC Smith, a former truck driver with the City Hattiesburg went on the record in a taped interview with the Hattiesburg Patriot. Smith came forward after learning of the […]

1:30pm Livestream of Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance v. Judge Gay Polk-Payton Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Polk-Payton argues, The Commission seeks to discipline Judge Polk-Payton for speech that other judges routinely engage in: promoting a book and using social media. These common activities do not threaten the integrity of the judiciary. Rather, they are valuable to voters who can evaluate that speech and use it to make informed decisions. The Commission […]

Former FCSO deputy alleges Sheriff McGee and Prosecutor Pam Castle blocked her testimony to protect secret affair Castle had with prosecution witness

Things are heating up in the lawsuit between former Forrest County Deputy, Candace Eubanks, and her lawsuit against Forrest County Prosecutor, Pam Castle. Eubanks filed a lawsuit against Castle for alienation of affection, after she caught her husband, former Deputy Tim Eubanks, and Castle in their truck having sex. It was a moment Eubanks’ Attorney, […]

Blame it on the dead man. Exclusive full audio of the recent WDAM interview with Sheriff Billy Mcgee and Charles Bolton

The first few minutes is them setting up the interview. The WDAM TV interview with Bolton and the Sheriff showed the Sheriff making what appear to be contradictory statements. The above recording is the unedited audio of the 25 minute interview that was edited for TV. During the recent 2015 Sheriff’s race, which occurred after […]

Hattiesburg Patriot Show – Special guest and local attorney, Bill Walter disscusses the US Attorney’s filing in the #CreamScheme

In Episode 2 of the Hattiesburg Patriot Show, Tom and Bill discuss the initial Cream Scheme filing from back in 2016. This was the initial complaint the government filed to lock down the assets and cash that were allegedly obtained with funds defrauded from Tri-Care and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.  Episode 3 will be published Wednesday. […]

Exclusive audio with MDEQ regulator proves mayor, council, and engineers ignored water tests while pushing an unnecessary $140 million dollar wastewater project on their community.

BRIEF HISTORY In 2002 USA Yeast came to Hattiesburg and was allowed to dump raw waste into our lagoon. Within months, the town smelled like methane sulfide gasses. The city’s engineer, Bennie Sellers, failed to provide reports to the city council in 2007 identifying the problem as the yeast plant. Seller even told the Hattiesburg […]

Hattiesbug Patriot Show with Special Guest, Attorney William “Bill” Walter. We discuss Charles Bolton’s Motion to Vacate his sentence

Please join as a subscribing supporter by clicking A free press is not free to those who deliver it Please join and show your support. Subscribers will have access to all archives, plus you help this project to grow. Special Guest, Bill Walter, graduated number one from the United States Military Academy, number one […]