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High Speed Chaser, Charlie Phillips, a Billy Badge, and the mental disorder (Part 2)

After the incident involving Phillips and Trooper Seals, Seals continued the pursuit of the suspect according to the filings, Seals offered to call for an ambulance for Phillips, but he declined the offer.  Phillips later sued the Troopers and the Highway Patrol  for negligence in their hard-and-fast apprehension of Phillips, claiming they had a reckless disregard for […]

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO: Election Commissioner Charles Phillips’ wife tells him; “We’re strictly gonna go right by the books and the rules now.”

It looks like Charlie Phillip’s wife realizes that her husband has an image problem for not following the rules, and that image has been bolstered by an exclusive video published on this site of Phillips appearing to campaign for incumbent Sheriff McGee inside the Dantzler Precinct Box. It is illegal for anyone to campaign within 150 feet […]

US Attorney appears to be closing in on Mayor Dupree with grab of election soldier (PART 1)

The federal government is fast at work building case after case involving high level public officials in Forrest County and Hattiesburg Mississippi. Mayor Dupree suffered a devastating blow when his longtime friend and campaign manager, Kenneth Fairley Sr., was convicted of stealing federal money designated for housing the poor, to allegedly pay the mortgage on […]

Sheriff Billy McGee takes Plukey’s salary and divides it up his inner circle, including his future son-in-law.

Sheriff Billy McGee has taken Charles “Plukey” Bolton’s salary and divided it among his inner circle. Bolton was paid just over $80,000 annually. He was recently convicted on 9 felonies stemming from fraudulent income tax return filings. Sheriff McGee is reported to be grooming Nick Calico to be the next sheriff for the #ForrestCountySyndicate.  Mr. Calico […]