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Mayor Dupree Failed to Disclose Repeated, Fraudulent Gasoline Purchases to Council in Claims Dockets

Every city council meeting there is a claims docket whereby city council approves expenditures.  On Monday December 16th there was a slight hiccup in the approval process. Council members brought into question clearly fraudulent gasoline expenditures racking up within the Water Department. The water department has two vehicles being used and gasoline is purchased at […]

Washington, D.C. Department of Justice Clerk Cast Hattiesburg Mayoral Absentee Ballot September 24th

In the next four years over 700 city jobs are employed under the Mayor, along with a $60+ million dollar annual budget, and the added lifetime expenditure of a generational $180 million dollar sewage treatment facility. So, not surprisingly many of the questionable and illegal ballots uncovered recently have been cast by city employees who stand to lose their jobs under […]

Harrison County Resident Boasted on Facebook About Voting in Hattiesburg’s Special Election

Harrison County resident Arvell “Trey” DeLaine III openly boasted about voting in Hattiesburg’s special election on Facebook September 24th. Mr. DeLaine went so far as to invite other coastal residents still registered in Hattiesburg to ride with him to cast what would likely be an illegal vote. Records obtained by investigators working with the Hattiesburg […]