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Roger Wicker’s Five Worst Votes On Trade

Roger Wicker Has Supported Giving The President Unconstitutional “Fast Track” Authority To Negotiate Trade Deals– “Fast Track” allows the President to negotiate trade deals but Congress is prohibited from making any changes to the agreement. It can be voted up or down but not altered. This is an unconstitutional abdication of congressional power of commerce. […]

Wicker & Cochran Vote Against 4th Amendment, FISA Surveillance Passes Senate

This afternoon the US Senate followed the House by approving a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) re-authorization without any reforms to safeguard the people’s Fourth Amendment rights that protect unreasonable searches and seizures. The vote was 65-34. One report noted: The specific statute allows federal intelligence agencies to collect data on foreigners suspected of crimes. […]

Democratic Racism

It’s a brush Democrat and their media cohorts use to tar every Republican, especially a President. Throughout his life Donald Trump was always praised for helping blacks, and was never accused of being a racist, that is until he ran for, and won, the presidency. Now all we hear is that he’s the worst man […]

Is Michael Guest Responsible for Mark Mayfield’s Suicide?

Madison District Attorney Michael Guest has publicly alleged that Mark Mayfield was involved with hatching a plan to photograph Rose Cochran as she lay in her Madison nursing home. Michael Guest’s arrest and indictment of Mark Mayfield was politically motivated, according to a lawsuit. Michael Guest’s arrest of Mayfield and his subsequent public humiliation led to […]

Roger Wicker Supports Unfair Trade Deals

One of Donald Trump’s major campaign promises was tougher and fairer trade deals. During his nearly a quarter of a century in Congress, Senator Roger Wicker has routinely opposed that position: Roger Wicker Supports Giving The President Unconstitutional “Fast Track” Authority To Negotiate Trade Deals – “Fast Track” allows the President to negotiate trade deals […]

Roger Wicker Voted To Fund Obamacare

Over the last week, there has been some confusion over whether or not Senator Roger Wicker voted to fund Obamacare. Allow me to clear up the confusion with just one conspicuous example: In October 2013, a handful of conservative Senators, led by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, were holding the line in the Senate against […]