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#WickerWatch: Roger, Haley, and the GreenTech Debacle

As reported by Michael Patrick Leahy in Breitbart, Senator Roger Wicker is very much a part of Haley Barbour’s political machine, a vast network that dominates Mississippi politics. And with every machine is corruption and government-funded boondoggles. One of the most scandal-ridden involved Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive, which built a plant in […]

Shocking New Immigration Numbers

Immigration has been in boom times as of late. This significant rise in foreign-born persons in the US has risen drastically in the last 16 years. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are now more than 45 million immigrants, both legal and illegal, in the country, the most at any time in American […]

Will Hall: Elect McDaniel, Denounce Establishment

This opinion column first appeared in The Daily Mississippian. The night of Nov. 8, 2016, I was glued to my television, watching one of the greatest dramas of our lifetime come to its thrilling finale. As President-elect Donald Trump approached the podium, people around the country laughed, while others cried all while the Republican Party […]

In Defense of Revenue Tariffs

Since Trump announced for President in June 2015, one area where he has faced increasing criticism from Republicans, many of them “Never Trumpers,” is in the area of international trade. They scream the oft used swear word “Protectionism” whenever he talks of negotiating better trade deals, something he’s talked about for decades. Now that Trump […]

Two for Jones County?

In an interesting twist, this upcoming midterm election cycle might see not one but two Jones County, Mississippi natives battling for seats in the United States Senate. And not only are Chris McDaniel and Marsha Blackburn two of the most conservative candidates running this year but their respective races may be the two hottest races […]

Tea Party Patriots: Time For Mitch McConnell To Go

Joining the growing Bannon coalition, which includes the Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks, is the group Tea Party Patriots led by co-founder Jenny Beth Martin. Like other leaders in the conservative movement, she is calling for Mitch McConnell to step down. Why? Because he has “failed to deliver.” The Republican leadership has not made good […]

Is the Establishment Beginning To Crack?

First it was Luther Strange who went down to defeat. Then it was Bob Corker who, seeing the handwriting on the wall, threw in the towel. Then, the man behind it all, Steve Bannon, declared “all-out war” on the Establishment, announcing a targeting package of Senate Republican incumbents, including Roger Wicker in Mississippi. Now, in […]