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Mississippians Think State Headed Down Wrong Road: Poll

According to reporting by Steve Wilson of Mississippi Matters, a poll conducted by Chism Strategies found that most Mississippians do not like the direction the state is headed. Though Chism Strategies is a Democratic, left-leaning poll that has worked for Obama’s campaign and leftist unions like the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), the numbers are […]

Bannon To Hannity: “McDaniel in Mississippi”

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity interviewed Steve Bannon and the two discussed Bannon’s war on the GOP Establishment. “We’re coming after all of them and we are going to win.” And that includes Roger Wicker in Mississippi! BANNON: By the way, we’re going in Mississippi against Wicker.  HANNITY: Who are you going to […]

Developing Clear Principles and Values

Last week we discussed the importance of electing political leaders who put principle above personal relationships. It is extremely important that a legislator have a clear set of principles by which every piece of legislation is judged if they are going to be successful in adhering to their values. If the principles are clear it […]

Steven Palazzo Fails as a Conservative

Like most of the Mississippi congressional delegation, Steven Palazzo, who represents the very conservative Fourth District, is no conservative and according to Mark Levin’s Conservative Review is rated an “F” on that site’s “Liberty Scorecard.” In 50 key votes since 2011, Congressman Palazzo has cast 26 conservative votes and 24 liberal votes, giving him a […]