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PLUNKETT: Hosemann calls McDaniel challenge a distraction, then decides election law changes need HIM to be the champion

BY: B. Keith Plunkett @Keithplunkett Mississippi PEP “If you see a snake, just kill it–don’t appoint a committee on snakes.”~Ross Perot Last week Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann told a group on the coast that he thought Chris McDaniel’s election challenge was a “distraction”. But it’s becoming more obvious that the distraction Sec. Hosemann was […]

McDaniel Campaign: Taking Them To Court

From the Chris McDaniel Campaign: Last week we filed our election challenge with the State Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Mississippi. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we be able to fund this fight. Please chip in if you can.  The State Executive Committee of the Republican Party refused to hold an […]

Pender: McDaniel Says Conservatives ‘Enraged’ and Will Be Engaged

McDaniel: Conservatives ‘enraged,’ will be engaged Geoff Pender, Clarion Ledger, August 12, 2014 Chris McDaniel says conservatives in Mississippi are “enraged” over the U.S. Senate primary and likely to take it out on incumbent Republican state officeholders in next year’s elections. “Conservatives in this state are angry, and rightly so,” McDaniel said Tuesday, in his […]