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New Theme: Toujours

Special milestones deserve special websites. This Theme Thursday, we’re introducing a fresh take on our classic wedding theme. Toujours Toujours — a refresh of our popular Forever theme — has a simple, elegant design that’s perfect for planning and sharing moments from your wedding. The theme includes a large slideshow, a unique layout for recent posts, and a special Guestbook […]

The movies project: Boogie Nights

Our namesake director has not been one for plot, in the films we’ve seen (small wonder that he was drawn to a Pynchon adaptation). Boogie Nights did not surprise in that regard. Charming characters, occasionally clever dialogue, meticulous period setting, takes that last maybe a few seconds too long. It didn’t do much for me, possibly […]

New Theme: Canapé

It’s the New Year, and we’re excited to kick it off with a new free theme! Canapé Canapé is a bold and refined theme, designed to help you create a beautiful online presence for your restaurant. Integrated with food menus, testimonials, and the Open Table widget, it’s the perfect choice for any food-related business. Canapé […]

The 2015 Year In Review!

Here’s an incredible fact: together, you published more than 660 million posts on in 2015, and made more than 655 million comments. That’s a whole lot of joy, laughter, tears, insight, and thoughtfulness. And it’s just one part of a huge global community of people — WordPress now powers more than 25% of the internet — with interests ranging from […]

No ritual drinking of human blood in Louisiana … but define “blood”

Being part of the evil Defense Bar, I subscribe to the Miss. Defense Lawyers’ Association’s Quarterly, and the last issue had a feature on “spooky statutes,” including La. R.S. 14:107.1(B)(1)(b): “the ingestion of human or animal blood” is forbidden “as part of a ceremony, rite, initiation, observance, performance, or practice that result in or are intended […]