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More Post-Runoff Quick Takes

Sims no longer Cochran campaign manager On Thursday it was reported that Kirk Sims, Sen. Cochran’s campaign manager, was stepping aside as campaign manager and would stay with the campaign as an “adviser.” To most campaign insiders and close friends of Cochran, the news was very welcome. Sims was Gov. Phil Bryant’s chief of staff […]

Sore Loser – Mississippi Senate Primary, Chapter 36

Mitch Tyner, lawyer for the Chris McDaniel campaign, held a press conference Monday afternoon at the Hinds County Court House. Tyner again discussed a legal challenge by the McDaniel campaign based on what he called “ineligible voters” in the June 24 runoff between McDaniel and Sen. Cochran. The Jackson lawyer also charged that absentee ballots represented the […]

Enough. It’s Over. End It

Last Wednesday, Mississippians saw these big headlines splashed across the front page of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger: “More accusations, more rumors, more challenges.” Even the mainstream press and broadcast media are starting to report rumors and false accusations like they are legitimate news. Late in the day, Chris McDaniel sent out a fundraising email saying that Thad Cochran “stole” the […]

Take Aways from the GOP Senate Run-off

Sad Postscript The apparent suicide of tea party leader Mark Mayfield put a sad and tragic postscript on the bitter and nasty campaign between Sen. Thad Cochran and state senator Chris McDaniel. No comments about Mayfield’s death are appropriate. On another popular political blog, in the wake of the suicide, most all of the “comments” were appropriate. However, a very few were downright […]

Wikipedia Story on McDaniel Not Reported in Mississippi

There were several legitimate campaign-related stories that never were printed or broadcast by the state’s mainstream newspapers and TV. I asked a friend why a particular story was not reported anywhere in the state. His response, “Well, we don’t have press in Mississippi.” One example: Keith Plunkett, Chris McDaniel’s policy director, was caught making extensive edits […]

Political Quick Takes – July 1

Poor campaign decision from the start For his campaign leadership, Sen. Cochran had Kirk Sims and Josh Gregory fostered on him by Sen. Roger Wicker and Gov. Bryant. Sims was Bryant’s chief of staff before he was named campaign manager. No small factor is that Sims is Wicker’s son-in-law. Gregory has always been the man […]

It’s Still U La La & R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

The state university in Lafayette, LA was known years ago as the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL).  It then became known as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) in 1999, or in popular use, “U La La.” In 1984, USL alumni and supporters wanted to shed being a directional school and changed the name […]