Public pension systems in Alabama and Mississippi face financial peril

TALL BUILDINGS: The Retirement Systems of Alabama owns the tallest building in Mobile, the RSA Tower. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog A new report on Alabama’s public pension system offers some startling facts on the system’s woes, but offers a prescription for reform that could be a blueprint for Mississippi’s system. The report by the Mercatus Center’s Eileen Norcross, […]

Former mayor ordered to pay back $73,000

PAY UP: Former Southaven mayor Greg Davis owes the taxpayers more than $73,000 after a decision was handed down Tuesday by a Hinds County judge. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis ran up a large tab for extravagant trips and meals, and now he has to pay bay his city’s taxpayers. […]

Judge Rules In Favor Of State Auditor In Davis Trial

JACKSON- State Auditor Stacey Pickering announced today that Hinds County Chancery Court Judge Dewayne Thomas has ruled that former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis must repay the full amount of money demanded by the State Auditor’s Office. “This investigation began more than three years ago, and we have remained committed to protecting the taxpayers of Southaven […]

City Prosecutor and Local Attorney Alexander Ignatiev Wins Victory Against American Family Association on Behalf of Local Businesses.

Hattiesburg City Prosecutor and local attorney Alexander Ignatiev is known to be a staunch advocate for small businesses in Mississippi, and his latest push back on behalf of his clients against the American Family Association’s statements is evidence of his advocacy.  At the heart of the issue is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed by […]

Despite new tenant, federally funded port struggles to create jobs

JUST ADD JOBS: The Port of Gulfport received $580 million after Hurricane Katrina for rebuilding efforts. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog For the federally funded Port of Gulfport, it was a lose-win scenario. The port on the Mississippi Sound gained a new tenant with the announcement Monday of McDermott International’s arrival at the facility. The offshore […]

Marco Rubio is Coming to Town

United States Senator and uncomfortable water drinker Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is coming to town in July for a fundraiser to support Speaker Gunn and his House Republicans.Sen. Rubio During the 2013 GOP State of the Union ResponseCuriously, Sen. Rubio has not come to our state in support of his colleague from Mississippi, Sen. Thad Cochran. […]

Still No Pardon Reforms

It was reported earlier today that a man pardoned by outgoing governor Haley Barbour has plead guilty to manslaughter. Since these pardons, Governor Bryant and his fellow Republicans have not pushed any legislative reform of the pardon system. In the meantime, all Bryant has done to be tough is march around in his boots and […]