BP to ask US Supreme Court to let them off the hook; Scalia’s son’s firm to do the asking

*** Please excuse all typos, as I am posting this from a mobile device. The source for this post is http://www.wwltv.com/news/Appeals-Court-denies-BPs-effort-to-keep-claims-payments-stopped-260815371.html ***A nightmare scenario has developed for the United States Supreme Court. In a case that will easily be as controverial as Bush V. Gore, Justice Antonin Scalia will be asked by his son’s law firm […]

Meddling Is Underway in MSGOP Primary

Reports are coming in that Hinds County GOP Chairman and person who is not a lawyer but can read Pete Perry is recruiting black, Democratic-leaning voters in his home county to vote for Thad Cochran in next Tuesday’s GOP primary. He is alleged to have said “You people will really be hurting if McDaniel wins.”My, […]

Deadline looms for expensive fix of Hattiesburg’s sewer system

VETOED: Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree vetoed an ordinance that would have raised the city’s sewer rates 150 percent.   By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog The Hattiesburg sewer system controversy has two smells — the putrid odor of sewage of that sometimes envelopes downtown and the crisp scent of dollar bills from taxpayers. However, an expensive public-private partnership agreement to deal with […]

Memory, and a thing about Oral History

2nd Update:  I am now completely convinced this is the building that now houses Funky’s and will post more about this later. Update:  Information in the comments here makes me think I’m the one that is wrong, quite likely.  I’m trying to access the information that made me think this wasn’t Oxford, Mississippi. One odd detail– […]

More on the Bryant Economy

A story reported this morning shows more evidence of Phil Bryant’s economic failures.Chromcraft Revington, of Senatobia, is ending its operations, citing a demand of loan repayments. This means about 230 Mississippians will be out of work.Add that up with the over 1,300 jobs being lost in Tunica, and you can see it’s been a tough […]

Gulfport likely won’t get major seaport status, expert says

SLOW PACE: Despite receiving $560 million in federal funds from Housing and Urban Development, the port of Gulfport’s expansion won’t be complete until 2016. By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Efforts to turn the Port of Gulfport into a major seaport are doomed to failure, according to maritime expert Tim Colton. Colton, a maritime consultant, naval […]

When is an Alligator Wild?

Always. Alligators are always wild. Now for the rest of the story. On May 15, 2014 a divided Mississippi Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals and reinstated the trial court’s summary judgment in the famous alligator case. Here is the Court’s opinion. Exxon alligators celebrating their big win at the Supreme Court The plaintiffs […]