Green energy company KiOR stays afloat

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog For KiOR, it’s a financial buzzer-beater. A firm owned by venture capitalist Vinod Khosla gave the struggling green energy company KiOR a $25-million loan to stay afloat until August. It is set to receive the first $5-million installment Thursday. The company released an 8-K ruling with the Securities and Exchange Commission […]

Mayor Johnny Dupree Announces Partnership With Febreze to Solve “Hattiesburg Stench.” Official Fragrance of Hattiesburg Chosen.

In a special called meeting today, Mayor Johnny Dupree put before council his plans to partner the City of Hattiesburg with Febreze International to address the city’s waste water related stench.  The plan will cost taxpayers $18,600 to retrofit two mosquito insecticide trucks with fragrance ionizers to discharge “New Car Scent” Febreze fragrance throughout the city of Hattiesburg.  […]

Bond issue will have Mississippi working on the railroad

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog If Mississippi’s Gov. Phil Bryant signs a pair of bond issue bills, the state will working on the railroad and helping one of the state’s tire plants with modernization. The Legislature approved two bond bills, House Bill 787 and Senate Bill 2975, on Monday to spend $230 million on various projects around […]

Green energy striking out in Mississippi

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog With Major League Baseball’s opening day in full swing Monday, it’s easy to make a parallel with green energy projects in Mississippi, and the scorecard isn’t a pretty one. Strike one — Twin Creeks Solar The state sued to recover $26 million from its investment in the Senatobia plant, designed […]

Mississippi can’t quit federal money habit

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Mississippi can’t shake its addiction to federal funds. State lawmakers are in the final stages of drafting the state’s $6 bi-lion budget, from which an increasing part comes from Washington. From 2002 to 2012, Mississippi received the largest percentage of its annual revenue from D.C. — more than any […]

Mississippi’s prepaid college tuition plan awash in red ink

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog The Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Plan is open for business again, but questions remain about its financial stability. The program was re-opened to new enrollments Monday after an unanimous vote by its board of directors. New enrollments were discontinued in 2012 so the plan’s finances could be audited, which […]

Mississippi rolls dice on green energy with taxpayer money

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Companies have placed high-risk wagers with Mississippi tax dollars on green energy. Now, those bets are coming due. FROM TREES TO FUEL: KiOR’s Columbus, Mississippi plant is designed to turn biomass into gasoline and diesel fuel. PHOTO BY: KiOR Two examples of the risks of taxpayer-funded green energy projects […]

State Auditor Seizes Hattiesburg City Records. Evidence of Bid Rigging Emerges Under Davis / Pittman Leadership of Public Works Department.

Alleged malfeasance within the city of Hattiesburg’s Public Works Department under the leadership of Russell Davis and Tim Pittman has been well documented in the past.  Allegations of overtime schemes, maintenance of private vehicles by city workers, and even city maintenance of a private vegetable garden were all reported by this blog in the article […]

Mississippi readily hands out taxpayer money to lure industry

By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog Mississippi’s state government has handed out taxpayer money like Santa Claus to businesses, either to relocate or expand in the Magnolia State. Cooper Tire and Yokohama Tire are two companies recently benefiting from various tax incentives, low-interest loans and grants offered by the state under the aegis of the Mississippi […]