Kemper Has A Long Tail | Kemper Has A Long Tail | Administrator A Long Tail:       There are two key points to this note.  First, the PSC Rate decision in early 2018 is likely to result in a small rate decrease with additional rate reductions after 3-5 years.  Secondly, a Base Rate decision by the PSC […]

The statewide elections must be soon

No, it’s just the money rush by legislators to tap lobbyists and other special interests in Jackson While the casual observer may not be taking notice, political types in Mississippi might not be faulted if they think the next statewide and legislative elections are right around the corner. The statewide primaries and general elections are […]

McDaniel: Trump is Right, Reform the Filibuster

Like most Americans, I am frustrated with Washington, and I’m alarmed by the lack of congressional accomplishment.  They promised conservative reforms; we’ve received nothing. President Trump made the argument that the Senate should reform the filibuster and allow bills to proceed with 51 votes instead of 60.  He made a persuasive case, and it changed […]

Republican Senator: Supporting Roy Moore over Doug Jones is “tribalism at its worst”

Ashton Pittman

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake appeared to take a shot at Trump in a Sunday tweet // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Just hours after President Trump posted a tweet attacking Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones, a prominent Republican senator tweeted a rebuke of Trump and other Republicans who support Jones’ Republican rival for Alabama’s […]

Finding Common Sense in the State Flag Debate

Earlier this week, the city of Ocean Springs passed a resolution to fly the Mississippi Flag at City Hall.  The measure passed with six City Aldermen voting for the measure and one voting against it. The public comment portion of the meeting included dozens of citizens voicing their opposition to the flag.  Brian Rose, a […]

A Providential History of Thanksgiving

In the severe winter of 1777, General George Washington’s army was suffering from bitter cold, a lack of supplies and the obvious superiority of British forces. Many of his soldiers were in agony from severe frostbite, with feet and legs often frozen until they became black. Mandatory amputation of the injured appendages was widespread, disease […]

MSGOP Spotlights Treasurer Lynn Fitch

  Treasurer Lynn Fitch remembers when few Mississippians identified themselves as Republicans. But, she always knew that her principles and values — for equality of opportunity, personal freedom, smaller government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility — aligned with those of the GOP. She has made these values the touchstone of her work throughout her years […]